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Introducing the NEW
Community Futures
Build a Better Business Program!

Build a Better Business Program

This program is designed to help new and potential business owners
start with their eyes wide open instead of their head in the sand.

The Build a Better Business Program consists of 10 learning modules.

The Business Start Up and Business Planning Modules should be
completed first, but the other modules are not sequential
and can be completed in any order.

All training videos are equipped with Closed Captions.

Check out the videos below to learn more about the Build a Better Business program and the modules available.

Contact your local Community Futures office to sign up!
To find your local office visit

Program Introduction

Business Start Up

indigenous supplement

Business Planning

Credit and Financing

pricing and cash flow

Branding and Marketing

Human Resources

Legal and Insurance

Bookkeeping Basics

Financial Statements

Taxes and Other Fees